Twitch Streamer Gets Trackmania World Record While He’s Live

Norwegiean streamer and content creator Wirtual achieved a world record in one of the most competitive racing games while he was live on Twitch. The Trackmania (2020) record only stood for a mere four hours, but the achievement is nothing to be scoffed at given how fiercely players compete to hold the best time in the online racing simulator.

Wirtual was running blisteringly fast laps of Trackmania‘s Icy Winter 2022 Campaign, a modified version of the game’s 25 official campaign maps that were created by Trackmania content creator FlinkTM, which was released on January 24. Each track was modded to include icy roads, which requires gamers to expertly glide past sharp corners and slip past obstacles if they want a shot at setting a world record. Wirtual did just that on the 17th track of the series when he beat fellow streamer and competitive Trackmania racer, Micka_TM by 1.6 seconds.

The big moment was captured on Wirtual’s stream and the clip has been viewed roughly 32,000 as of January 24. Wirtual’s break-neck 51.14-second run only lasted as the world record for four hours before it was bested. At the time of publishing, the streamer is in fifth place for overall scores in the Icy Winter 2022 Campaign.

Trackmania History Was Made…Momentarily

“Oh my god! I beat Micka by a second,” Wirtual exclaimed after achieving his world-record run. “Who’s the new ice god?” While Wirtual no longer holds that title, Micka is considered to be an elite ice racer by the Trackmania community. Wirtual effectively beat an all-star Trackmania player on his home turf, albeit for only a few hours. That’s especially impressive given the ruthlessly competitive reputation the racing game has developed.

While Trackmania‘s competitive online community may not be as massive as viral games like Apex Legends or Valorant, its competitive scene dates back almost a decade to the 2003 release of the original Trackmania. Its players spend hours on end shaving milliseconds from their lap times and its die-hard community is always on the asphalt.

Over the past year, the racing sim has averaged about 523.7 average, concurrent players, and that’s recently picked up likely due to the Icy Winter 2022 Campaign. And with the eyes streamers like Wirtual are drawing to it now, that could see yet another uptick in the near future.

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