Top 10 Most Watched Twitch Streamers of July 2021

Livestreaming platform Twitch had a monumental 2020, and that has continued into 2021. More than six million creators were broadcasting their unique content to Twitch’s 26.5 million daily viewers early in 2021, according to company SVP Damian Burns. Despite the site’s vast pool of creators, a handful of streamers have dominated Twitch’s viewership over the course of July 2021.

Gaming news site Dexerto created a list of Twitch’s most-watched streamers of July 2021 using data collected by analytics site, SullyGnome. These high-ranking creators include Hasanabi, Asmongold, Trainwreckstv, among others who churn out a wide array of content, ranging from political commentary to Final Fantasy XIV gameplay and gambling streams.

These latest statistics provide a snapshot of Twitch’s latest trends and the ever-changing interest of the platform’s growing userbase. While just about a quarter of Twitch’s viewership stems from the United States, the site was growing in popularity in Brazil according to a January 2021 Backlinko Twitch demographics report. That was reflected in Dexerto‘s list as Brazilian streamers Loud_Coringa and Gaules were among the top five most-watched Twitch creators. Here are the top ten most-viewed Twitch streamers of July 2021 and the content they broadcast.

Twitch: Most Watched Streamers of July 2021

Each streamer in the list above is ranked on the number of hours viewers watched their stream in July 2021. These ten streamers alone were watched for 93.6 million hours collectively and the top four creators on this list made more than half of that watch time.

1. Asmongold (14.5 million hours)

At the top of the list is the online roleplaying game streamer, Asmondgold. He’s best known for streaming himself playing Blizzard’s World of Warcraft but he began streaming Final Fantasy XIV gameplay in July.

2. xQc (14 million hours)

Following closely behind is variety streamer and former professional Overwatch player, xQcow. The Canadian content creator has primarily streamed Grand Theft Auto 5 roleplay recently, but he’s often seen playing first-person shooters like Call of Duty: Warzone and Rust, as well as reacting to viral videos.

3. Loud Coringa (12.7 million hours)

The Brazilian streamer only just created his Twitch account in August 2020, but the new kid on the block has wasted no time growing a massive following primarily through Grand Theft Auto roleplaying. He’s amassed 2.2 million followers in only a year and rivals the viewership of veteran streamers, like Asmongold and xQc who have been on the platform for years.

4. Gaules (11.9 million hours)

Next on the list is former professional Counter-Strike: Global Offensive player, Gaules. The Brazilian content creator primarily streams himself playing CS:GO or provides commentary for professional matches of the game thanks to his years of experience with the first-person shooter.

5. Roshtein (7.5 million hours)

Halfway down the list is the casino streamer Roshtein. Gambling content became widely popular in the upper-echelons of Twitch in 2021, with gambling sites like self-described “bitcoin casino” Stake brokering sponsorship deals with top influencers. Roshtein has been broadcasting gambling content for years, but its recent virality has propelled him to the top of Twitch in July.

6. Trainwreckstv (7.4 million hours)

Following closely behind is a veteran streamer who has thrust himself into the limelight thanks to his gambling streamers. Trainwreckstv is an “in-real-life” and variety streamer who’s best known as the host of the Scuffed Podcast and his Among Us content.

7. Hasanabi (6.8 million hours)

Hasanabi is a broadcast journalist turned streamer who uses his platform for political commentary, reaction content, and occasionally gameplay. His Twitch channel is in stark contrast to most streamers, who often skip talking about current events and politics to avoid any controversy. This has made Hasanabi’s account the first-stop shop for any Twitch users looking to engage in political discourse on the site.

8. Pestily (6.4 million hours)

Pestily is an Australian streamer who primarily streams himself playing first-person shooter games. For the majority of July, he’s broadcasted Escape From Tarkov but often plays Apex Legends and Age of Empires II.

9. Limit_Maximum (6.4 million hours)

This American content creator is the streamer on Dexerto‘s list who saw the most growth among the people named on Dexerto‘s list. He almost exclusively plays World of Warcraft and the June 2021 release of Burning Crusade Classic seems to have provided a massive boost to his viewership.

10. Ibai (6.1 million hours)

Spanish streamer, Ibai, rounds off the list as the tenth most-watched Twitch streamer of July 2021. The content creator is primarily known for soccer and sports commentary, as well as reaction content.

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