TimTheTatman Rages After Spectating A Warzone Player With 85 K/D

Twitch streamer TimTheTatman is one of the latest Call of Duty: Warzone players who had their game spoiled by cheaters.

The widely popular battle royale game has been awash with hackers and exploiters for months now. Warzone cheaters have used everything from aimbots to rack up an inhuman amount of kills per round or abused glitched in-game items to grant themselves immortality. After being killed in a Warzone game during an August 3 stream, TimTheTatman stuck around to spectate the rest of the round when he found a  player who appeared to be blatantly using an aimbot.

TimTheTatman’s viewers looked up the alleged hacker’s game stats using Warzone leaderboard, COD Tracker. The player was found to have an 85 kill-death ratio, which means they average 85 kills before they die. That’s an impossible KD ratio to acquire without the help of cheats, a stat that TimTheTatman believes should immediately warrant a response from Warzone‘s creators Activision.

“How is there no automated system?” TimTheTataman asked his chat. “This guy has an 85 K/D and there’s no anything, right? There’s no red flag that can go up and be like, ‘Howdy guys, this guy has an 85 kill-death ratio. Maybe we should look into this one.'”

After lambasting the player on stream, TimTheTataman asked his moderators to report them to a contact he has at Activision’s Warzone team. The player in question no longer appears on COD Tracker, which suggests they may have been banned after their run-in with the streamer.

Streams and fans of Warzone have been pestered by cheaters for a majority of the game’s lifespan. Despite this persistent issue, Activision and its developers have not instated an automated anti-cheating mechanism. The company has instead opted to ban waves of suspicious players. Warzone developer Raven Software announced it had removed over 50,000 “repeat offenders” on July 17.

Despite these reoccurring sweeps, there’s nothing stopping hackers from creating new accounts to continue to ruin the battle royale for gamers trying to play fair. Timthetatman is the most recent, high-profile Warzone player to join the fanfare of players calling for a crackdown on the rampant cheating problem the battle royale hasn’t been able to shake off for months.

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